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Custom Z.jpg
Yamaha 891Z

.508 bore yellow brass lightweight slide, yellow brass bell section.  Great for lead and aggressive higher parts.  Currently using the LA lead pipe with the 25.1 Bronze top and M backbore AR peice.

Rath R3
Rath R3

.525 bore R3 with a yellow brass bell, red brass tuning slide, open gooseneck, and yellow brass slide with 31B Nickel pipe. Currently using the 25.1 Bronze top and L backbore AR piece.

Bach 36G

.525 bore yellow brass light weight slide and gold brass bell section. Go between using the 25.1 Bronze top with L backbore and the 26.00 brass top with L backbore AR pieces.



.563 bore yellow brass slide, gold brass bell section with dual independent rotors.  Currently between the BL Bronze top with 2L backbore AR piece and a Dennis Wick 2NAL for lighter work.



AR Resonance.jpg

Currently using the 25.1 Bronze top and the 26.00 Brass top with the L and M backbore for commercial use, as well as the BL Bronze and the 2L backbore for bass trombone.

These microphones are based on a high definition precision condenser microphone element. Using the latest technologies, such as DBC (Direct Balanced Cartridge), SAM (Soundboard Area Microphone) and ACB (Acoustic Channel Bridging), Remic has been able to develop these microphones to comply with the sophisticated demands needed by modern artists and sound technicians today.

Josh Scalf is an endorsing artist for REMIC microphones.