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Yamaha 891Z

.508 bore yellow brass lightweight slide, yellow brass bell section.  Great for lead and aggressive higher parts.  Currently using the LA lead pipe with the 25.1 Bronze top and M backbore AR peice.

Bach 36G

.525 bore yellow brass light weight slide and gold brass bell section. Go between using the 25.1 Bronze top with L backbore and the 26.00 brass top with L backbore AR pieces.

Edwards T350HB

.547 bore T-BCN slide, 8.5" gold brass 371 bell with an axial rotor and Harmonic Bridge, dual radius gold brass tuning slide, and long #2 brass lead pipe. 

This is my current large bore setup, and works well when I need to blend with an orchestral section in the studio or live.  I like to use it with the AR M Bronze with GR1 back bore and also have grown fond of the Griego Oft 4.5 when a really big and dark but direct sound is required

.563 bore yellow brass slide, gold brass bell section with dual independent rotors.  Currently between the BL Bronze top with 2L backbore AR piece and a Dennis Wick 2NAL for lighter work.



AR Resonance.jpg

Currently using the 25.1 Bronze top and the 25.7 Brass top with the L and M backbore for commercial use, M Bronze with GR2 backbore for symphonic work, as well as the BL Bronze and the 2L backbore for bass trombone.


Conn 60H
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Specifically using a BG5 (tenor) and BG2 (bass) for more commercial leaning sessions, projects, and live events, as it provides many similar positive attributes as the AR, but with a little more pop/commercial leaning characteristics.