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Click on any picture below for more information on any of these instruments.

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding gear and I will do my best to get you the answers you are searching for.


Custom Z.jpg
Yamaha 891Z

.508 bore yellow brass lightweight slide, yellow brass bell section. Great for lead and aggressive higher parts and most commercial work.  Currently using the NY lead pipe.

Bach 36G

.525 bore yellow brass light weight slide and gold brass bell section. Great for commercial recordings, pit orchestras, score recording, etc.

Edwards T350HB

.547 bore T-BCN slide, 8.5" gold brass 371 bell with an axial rotor and Harmonic Bridge, dual radius gold brass tuning slide, and long #2 brass lead pipe. 

This is my current large bore setup, and works well when I need to blend with an orchestral section in the studio or live. 

.563 bore yellow brass slide, gold brass bell section with dual independent rotors.  A wonderfully diverse commercial bass that was a predecessor to the Xeno horns.



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