Great Links

Here a few links to some fantastic musician friends of mine as well as some sites that I simply find useful or interesting.

Barry Green - Nashville's top call studio trombonist, and a generally great guy.


Joe Murphy - America's best jazz and funk Tubist.  Also a monster bassist with a resume few can match.


Tyler Mire - Fantastic Trumpeter, Writer, and Arranger in the Nashville area.  Charts available via his website.


The Village Brass - New Orleans style funk and hip hop to traditional Dixieland, this brass band brings the flavor of NOLA to the Emerald Coasts of Florida and Alabama.

Greg Petito - Phenomenal Guitarist now living and teaching in the Houston area.


The Trombone Forum - Are you as big of a trombone nerd as I am?  Lots of great discussions and information here for all level of trombonists.

Bay High School's Million Dollar Band - The fine students of Panama City, FL that I worked with when I was a teacher.  They are doing great things with the music students in Bay County at most all of the schools.